Our May Growth Meetup Was a Success

We thank all those who participated in the May Growth Meetup last Monday (May 29) at Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine.  It was a valuable occasion for all present, and we enjoyed seeing the comfort level that everyone shared in asking questions, sharing their experiences, and making connections.

A special thank you to our sponsor for May, Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine, who provided their restaurant for us to use and light refreshments. 

What is the Growth Meetup?

In 2017, a law firm can add more value to clients than simply producing legal documents and solving legal problems.  We set out to add even more value by creating a networking and knowledge sharing event for our business clients.  

Alexander "Zander" Melville addresses participants at the May Growth Meetup. Photo Credit:  Darlington Jones Imagery

Alexander "Zander" Melville addresses participants at the May Growth Meetup. Photo Credit: Darlington Jones Imagery

Our topic for the May Growth Meetup considered Growing Your Business: Debt, Equity, or Profits.  It was meant to provide businesses with vital knowledge to enable them to make sound decisions concerning using debt, equity, profits or combinations to grow their businesses. 13 business clients of the firm attended:

David Lee addresses entrepreneurs at the May Growth Meetup. Photo Credit:  Darlington Jones Imagery

David Lee addresses entrepreneurs at the May Growth Meetup. Photo Credit: Darlington Jones Imagery

  • Omar Ewen - ARTSYL Limited, Elevate JA The Movement Ltd

  • Davio Williams - ARTSYL Limited, Elevate JA The Movement Ltd

  • Darren George - Darlington Jones Photography

  • Hiromasa Takahashi - Sora Japanese Restaurant Limited

  • Kirk Harris - Agrocaelum Limited

  • Dr Andre Williams - CCS Cancer Care Solutions Jamaica Ltd

  • RN Neisha Williams - CCS Cancer Care Solutions Jamaica Ltd

  • David Bain - Alteroo

  • Valdeck Rowe - Alteroo

  • Marc Gayle - TCP Products - Jamaican Greeting Cards

  • Rory Walker - Jamaican Care Packages Ltd

  • Courtney Patterson - Socour Holdings Limited, Eden Renal Services

  • Anna-Lisa Walcott - Project Consultant

  • David Lee - Mundo Finance

Presentations were made by the Mentor for the Day, Alexander "Zander" Melville, Managing Director of Diverze Assets Inc. (Tropical Battery, Chukka, Diverze Properties) and David Lee, CEO of Mundo Finance.

Here are some highlights:

  1. The 30-second introduction will be a tradition of the Growth Linkup.  We heard 14 introductions, all of which were of a high caliber.  The next Growth Linkup will give an opportunity to continue practicing the 30-second introduction, as it is a valuable asset for business pitches and networking.  Memorable statements include Hiromasa Takahashi (Sora) who "moved to Jamaica with Hurricane Ivan", Anna-Lisa Walcott (Project Manager) who has "never once regretted leaving full-time employment", and Dr Andre Williams (CCS Cancer Care Solutions Limited) who humorously deflected his introduction to his wife, R.N. Neisha Williams (also from CCS Cancer Care Solutions Limited) who gave a stellar introduction right before him.

  2. David Lee skillfully broke out the components of the topic of the day, defining equity, debt, and profits and how each can be used to grow a business.  He also gave useful scenarios that participants could relate to, showing how a sound decision-making process could be utilised.  

  3. Zander spoke candidly of various options he has utilised in various scenarios throughout the history of his business.  His presentation was particularly inspiring as he led listeners through a difficult time in the company and how they were able to increase revenues from US$200,000 per year to US$20 million per year. As one participant said, "The speakers complemented each other very well.  David was more technical, and broke out the topic in a way we could understand.  Zander introduced the human element, so we could understand how we can make decisions using not only data, but our own personal circumstances and risk profiles.

What was the feedback like?

The results were very strong.  Everyone who attended agreed that the event met the key objectives:

  1. Making better decisions about using debt, equity, and profits to grow my business;

  2. Effective speaker presentations and discussions;

  3. Meeting the needs of clients;

  4. Providing an environment where clients would meet someone who can add value to their business;

  5. A desire for similar events.

 Full data is below:

Survey was done on a scale of 1-5 (5 being strong agreement, 1 being strong disagreement).  Blue is 5, Green is 4, Orange is 3; there were no 2 or 1 responses.



14/15 participants gave a strong "YES" to the need for more events like these in the future.  We will be answering that call.

Marc Ramsay