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We have engaged in international trade and business negotiations in the Caribbean and Latin America. We utilise interest-based negotiating to secure the best interests of our clients and their partners.


We can help you with buying or selling property.  It is also wise to have your lease agreements reviewed by an attorney.   We can draft or review contracts, sale agreements, lease agreements, and other relevant documentation.




Do you want to buy a house, or commercial property in Kingston, Montego Bay, or property elsewhere in Jamaica? This process should not be a hassle.  We would be happy to help you navigate the legal and procedural requirements for buying and selling property in Jamaica.


We represent and guide investors, startups, and finance companies through various stages of the financing process. We  have excellent contacts in the industry, and a thorough understanding of the process involved in raising private equity in Jamaica.  We can advise you and assist with documents, negotiations, planning, and regulatory support.

Petitions for Divorce, Nullity or Declaration of Death

We have extensive experience and success with the granting of Petitions for Divorce, Nullity and Declarations of Death of a spouse. It doesn’t have to take years to obtain a Divorce, feel free to speak with one our Attorneys to find out more.

Subdivision Applications

Whether you are developing land or simply selling a portion, there are many steps to obtaining subdivision approval and ultimately splinter titles. Speak to one of our Attorneys today to get you started and to make the process and smooth as possible.

Adverse Possession

If you are living on a plot of land for 12 years and over undisturbed you may be eligible to be registered as the legal owner of that land. For government land, you must be living on the land for 60 years and over undisturbed. If you fit either one of these descriptions, please contact us to see how you can start your application to be registered as the legal owner of your land.

Transfer of Property

Selling your land is just one way of transferring ownership to someone else. Other ways of transferring ownership include preparing a Deed of Gift, a living Will or a Love and Affection Transfer. All options are available to you and can be tailored to your individual needs. To find out more, speak to one our Attorneys.

Power of Attorneys, Wills & Trusts

There are many benefits to preparing a power of attorney, will or making trust arrangements, chief among them is that you are able to set out in clear terms your future health care, how you would like your assets to be maintained, funeral arrangements and the distribution of your assets after your death. This lessens the chance of disagreements and confusion among the person(s) you appoint to take charge and your beneficiaries. Another great benefit is that you are able to arrange your affairs in such a way as to lessen the tax burden on your appointees, relatives or beneficiaries.

 Intestate Matters

If you die without leaving a Will, all is not lost. The Jamaican Intestates’ Estates Property Charges Act provides a mechanism for recognizing the persons who are first in line to benefit from a deceased’s estate and what steps need to be taken. It is best, however, to seek the assistance of an experienced Attorney to prepare the necessary documents and advise you of all the requirements you must satisfy as set out by the Act.

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Applications for Maintenance, Custody and Division of Matrimonial Property & Assets

Whether your application is a stand-alone or is included in a Petitioner for Divorce, we will ensure you get the best result for your unique circumstances. We carefully and compassionately outline the nature of your case in the most favourable terms and seek to bring about a timely resolution.