Civil and Criminal Litigation

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Tamiko Smith

Partner, Civil and Criminal Litigation


Q&A interviews and ID Parades

We have 10 years’ experience representing persons required to participate in interview sessions and identification parades at police stations island-wide. We provide a reassuring presence and clear legal advice while safeguarding the rights of our clients.

 Bail Applications

The liberty of our clients is paramount. We ensure that clients held in custody are brought before the Court at the first opportunity and that the application for bail is considered as a matter of urgency.

Representation at Trial

Competent legal representation is crucial when you are engaged in a Trial. Our Attorneys at RamsaySmith are experienced Counsel with in-depth knowledge of the law and the ability to articulate your defence clearly and persuasively.

Plea Deal Negotiations & Sentence Reduction

Not only are we proficient trial Attorneys, we also have a solid and successful track record in plea deal negotiations and mitigating sentence terms to obtain the most favourable results for our clients.




If your idea has been infringed upon, our litigation team will negotiate the best possible licensing and settlement agreements.

Land Disputes

We have successfully resolved a number of matters involving breaches of restrictive covenants, boundary disputes, encroachments, errors in Certificate of Title and other complex conveyance issues. When you are faced with a land matter the best thing you can do is to consult with a competent Attorney with strong relationships with Commissioned Land Surveyors, Valuators and with the National Land Agency. At RamsaySmith you can rely on us to help you navigate the various issues and agencies to solve your land disputes.

Defence of suit

With Jamaica becoming increasingly litigious, effective representation is essential when faced with a potential or active law suit. We are prepared to mount a strong defence and advise you with integrity to avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents & Medical Negligence

Whether you are injured at work, while visiting a property, in a motor vehicle accident or from a negligently performed procedure you want compensation as quickly as possible and as painlessly as possible. Let us help you to achieve closure and get the compensation you deserve.

Fatal Accidents

If you have lost a loved one as a result of the negligence of others you may be entitled to compensation. Let us help you by assessing your legal options and taking care of the legal process for you.

Breach of Contract, Recovery of Debt & Breach of Agreement for Sale

When a party fails to live up to their side of an agreement a host of negative consequences usually follows. How do you navigate the aftermath and obtain compensation for the loss you suffer? By allowing us to work with you to identify your legal rights and formulate a pathway towards a solution.

 Declaration of Interest & Injunctions

If you have an interest in property, a business, in the passing of a legislation or in a development in your community you may be able to have your interest recognized and protected allowing you to have your voice heard. Our firm helps you to know what your rights are in any given situation and what you can do about it.

Wrongful Dismissal

We have experience negotiating settlement agreements, disciplinary hearings and civil suits on behalf of employers, and also on behalf of individual employees. This range of experience makes us effective at efficiently dealing with wrongful dismissal matters on either side of the aisle.

Recovery of Rent and/or Property

One of the most frustrating situations to encounter is trying to recover possession of your property or rent due and owing to you. Let us take the headache out of this process and help you to secure the result that’s best for you.

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